Bangalore Real Estate Sector

Bangalore also popularly known as Bengaluru is the capital city of Southern State of Karnataka. Bangalore is the home to many well recognized colleges and research institutes across the country. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India due to its position as the countrys exporter of IT and ITES products and services. Its become a major cultural and financial hub in India. With an economic growth of 10.3%, Bangalore is one of the fastest growing major metros cities in India. Does the real estate sector provide any lucrative opportunities for potential buyers & what are the factors that are responsible for the boost in the state? Read on to find out. glenn delve

Bangalore is the highly favored by most of the high tech industries in India. Bangalore is powered by the IT/ITES companies which the major drivers are contributing to the ever growing real estate market. Additionally, this Silicon Valley of Indian is also blessed with numerous features which include hygienic climatic conditions, shopping malls, great night life with best restaurants & some of the most attractive business opportunities which make this city a more lucrative option for potential buyers. Bangalore real estate has not only attracted domestic buyers but also NRI investors as they are seeing a decent appreciation of their assets.

Although Bangalore real estate is witnessing an upward trend in both commercial and residential properties, however the rising figures are not enough to quench the growing demand for properties in Indias primary IT hub – Bangalore. This has also led to an increase in Bangalore property and real estate rates, but his has not discouraged the property developers and dealers as they are coming up with newer forms of projects that would attract more buyers. “Low Cost Housing” schemes that will allow not only the elite class but also the middle class working executives to fulfill their dreams of a sweet home in the high tech city. The government is also coming up with various infrastructure projects in order make Bangalore one of the most sought after cities across the globe.