The internet is rife with bad Forex brokers, some independent and some attached to financial institutions

but all with the same agenda to make a quick buck out of you and they all use the same M.O, promising you the world, assuring that you will be a millionaire within a week and all the while asking you to put in an initial margin as wide as a continent. Soon as you know it, you barely get in touch with them, they give you a Forex platform that looked like it was designed by a blind horse and your profits are rising as fast as a deflated zeppelin. 마진거래

The thing is, spotting a bad Forex broker is really very easy, and they often prey on the new investor who has no idea about the realities of the Forex market. They rope them in with wild visions of the market simply turning into gold at their very touch, and while a tiny little thought might creep into your head about ‘If it is so easy, why isn’t he doing it?’, you just brush it off as the zeros pile up in front of you, sipping your imagined pina colada in the Bahamas as the sky begins to rain gold on you. Wake up. Forex brokers and websites who just promise you an invitation to the million dollar round table are just trumped up vaporous marketing lingo to get you to deposit your money in their bank accounts.

In fact, all you are doing are making them rich. Some of the things you need to know about good brokers is that the first thing they do not ask for is a handout. They ask you how much information you actually know about the Forex market and if you know zilch, they will sit down with you and give you some brief oversights. Then they will sign you up to a virtual simulated environment and a dummy account where you can invest fake money in a real investment environment and learn from there. The fee you have to pay for this is pretty low so learn all you can. Then, if you have decided to go on, they will put you through a crash training course and guide you along the way. They will communicate with you from the start.